Friday, May 20, 2011

Helping out.....

I think it has been a week since my last post....things have been kind of busy around here.  A community north of us has been affected by a fire.  They have been evacuated and lots of them have lost everything.  Over the last couple of days the kids and I have been shopping to help them out.  We went to a store and the kids picked out a bunch of toothbrushes for adults and kids, toothpaste as well as soap and some combs.  We then headed over to another store and bought some diapers.  Then the next day after my daughter's kindergarten class we headed down to a radio station (CISN Country head quarters) to give the donations we had collected.  It was a lot of fun and pretty amazing to see everyone come together to help out the people of Slave Lake and surrounding areas.  There was a charitable BBQ and $28,000.00 was raised to help these people out.  They also filled 3 semi trailer trucks full of donations.  Wow!  I am very proud to belong to a community where giving come naturally and no one second guesses it.

Here are some pictures that I took of our amazing experience.

I will post some creations for you over the next couple of days.

Happy Stamping!
Michelle B

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